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Dear Friend,

This page is going to SHOCK a lot of people, but it's about time the truth was told...
Most people online have now heard about the benefits of securing affiliate links by hiding them inside special redirect pages, cloaking pages or something similar.
Many people use some sort of software to create these solutions, which can be anything from a simple page generator to a sophisticated tracking script.
However there is one important piece of information that you will never find mentioned on any web page selling these types of tools...

If you're currently using ANY tool or script to hide or secure your affiliate links, it is highly likely that you are actually LOSING substantial commissions as a result.

The Problem...

Most affiliates don't realise this - even the majority of successful ones - but affiliate links are NOT all the same.

There are lots of different technologies and scripts behind affiliate programs, all with their own unique properties.

These properties have a HUGE impact on what methods can safely be used to secure and promote the affiliate links.

Use a strategy which is not fully compatible with the affiliate program script - and you will almost certainly LOSE some of your commissions as a result.

This issue affects every single software tool available on the Internet which claims to help protect, secure or hide affiliate links.

Link cloaking, link framing, link branding, embedded cookies, covert affiliate solutions, Black Hat solutions and many other solutions ALL suffer from this problem.

From research conducted on the Internet, I can honestly tell you now that there are literally thousands of affiliates who are currently losing some of their commissions - in many cases well over half their commissions - to this problem

... and worst of all - NONE of these affiliates even have a clue that it is happening.


The Solution...

This problem means that is absolutely vital to make sure that you are using the right solution to secure an affiliate link.

Unfortunately there's no way to check this by just looking at the link itself.

It's no use asking the affiliate program owners either, as they almost certainly won't have a clue what you're talking about. The details are just too technical and complex.

The ONLY way to find this information is to perform a complex technical evaluation.

For the technically minded, this involves "spidering the link, following the pathway it takes to deliver visitors to the sales page and analysing the HTTP header data passed between the script and the visitor's web browser".

As you would expect from something that sounds as "techie" as this, you need a skilled and expensive technician to do this for you.

Until now there was no automated solution available.

However now you can use our exclusive Affiliate Fire Extinguisher to get a full detailed analysis of any affiliate link with just two mouse-clicks.

Below you can see a screenshot of this incredibly easy to use software...

check links

Simply type or paste your affiliate link into the box and click the "Check Link" button.

The software will instantly spider the link, performing an in-depth analysis, then display a full report like the example shown below:

check links results

As you can see, the report clearly tells you what solutions are fully supported by the affiliate program script behind this link.

The comprehensive help supplied with the software makes sure that you fully understand the implications of the report.

With this powerful software, you completely eliminate the risk of losing commissions to technology related problems.

In a matter of seconds, you can instantly determine the optimum strategies for success for each and every affiliate link.



Complete Link Hiding Toolkit Included...

Affiliate Fire Extinguisher doesn't just check your affiliate links to ensure that you are using them safely.

It also features powerful link hiding and protection software, which can generate every type of solution used on the Internet, including some you may never have even heard of.

The comprehensive instructions describe all the different types of link hiding solutions, including the pros and cons of each, so you can optimize every link to maximize your affiliate income.

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The software will allow you to check all your existing links to see if they are suffering from this problem and will generate new link hiding pages for your links. The software will function for 15 days. If you wish to continue using it after this period, you will need to order the full version of the software.


Requirements: This software is for use only on PCs running Microsoft Windows.

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