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"Here's A Quick And Easy Way To SLASH Your PPC Costs By Generating Comprehensive Keyword Lists On Autopilot!"


Dear Friend,

As you probably know, most single words are very expensive on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services like Google Adwords.

For example, bidding on the single terms "software" or "shareware" would be expensive.

However there are lots of keyword permutations that can be much lower cost.

Easy Keyword Pro helps you to build lists of these permutations automatically - to help you reduce your PPC costs.

Let's look at a simple example to see how this works...

You start with a list of original keywords (such as "software" and "shareware").

You then supply a list of terms that can be prefixed and/or appended to each original keyword. For example, you could add the words "free" and "download" to the beginning and end of "software" and "shareware".

If you created a list of all permutations, you would end up with a keyword list as follows:

free software
free shareware
download software
download shareware
software free
shareware free
software download
shareware download

This keyword list contains some terms that will be cheaper than just bidding on the main words "software" and "shareware".

This means we can bid less for our clicks, reducing our PPC cost.

This is a very simple example. In practice, you would use lots of prefixed and appended words to build a much bigger list. The bigger the list - the lower your cost should be.

Easy Keyword Pro helps you to do this - by creating the keyword list automatically.

You simply enter your original keywords ("software" and "shareware") and the words to be prefixed/appended ("free" and "download") into the software. The software then builds your complete new keyword list automatically.

   Use Substitutions For Bigger Lists And Lower Costs

Using "substitutions" offers another easy way to build bigger keyword lists - and hence lower PPC costs.

Here's an example for the aquarium fish care niche:

We start with a set of three keywords for goldfish.

goldfish aquarium
goldfish care
how to care for goldfish

Now we build a bigger list by using the same terms applied to other types of common aquarium fish. We replace the word "goldfish" with different fish types as follows:

goldfish = sand shark
goldfish = guppy
goldfish = barb

Here's the resulting keyword list:

goldfish aquarium
goldfish care
how to care for goldfish
sand shark aquarium
sand shark care
how to care for sand shark
guppy aquarium
guppy care
how to care for guppy
barb aquarium
barb care
how to care for barb

This simple solution has generated a much bigger list of terms relating to our niche, which should reduce our PPC costs.

Easy Keyword Pro helps you to do this - by creating the keyword list automatically.

You simply enter your original keywords ("goldfish aquarium", "goldfish care" and "how to care for goldfish") and the words to be substituted ("sand shark", "guppy" and "barb") into the software. The software then builds your complete new keyword list automatically.

   Add All USA States Or Major Cities Automatically

If you're targeting keywords that are often searched for by location, it can be very beneficial to create keyword lists including all the different states or cities.

For example, a lot of people looking for mortgages will search for mortgages in their local area (such as "Mortgage New York" or "San Francisco Mortgage".

The software also offers an easy way to build a massive keyword list by prefixing and/or appending every USA state or the top 100 USA cities to all your original keywords.

You can do this with a single button click, giving you lower PPC costs with minimal effort.

   Add Brackets And Quotes Automatically

Google Adwords treats the following items differently:

free software
"free software"
[free software]

The keyword in quotes is referred to as a "phrase match" keyword and only matches cases where a visitor searches for that exact keyword, optionally with other words before or after the keyword. Hence "free software" would match completely free software.

The keyword in brackets is referred to as an "exact match" keyword and only matches cases where the visitor searches for that exact keyword, with no words before or after the keyword. Hence [free software] would only match if the visitor entered free software.

Depending on how you are using PPC, it can be useful to create keywords with quotes/brackets - particularly if you are intending to attach different prices to different keywords. 

Easy Keyword Pro can automatically create quoted and bracketed copies of an entire keyword list - all with a single button click.

   Add Misspellings And Typos Automatically

A lot of people using search engines can be quite careless when they do a search.

People often enter misspellings or typos when entering their search term.

The beauty of this is that you can bid on versions of your keywords with misspellings or typos - and often pick up clicks for a fraction of the cost of the correct spelling.

Easy Keyword Pro offers a quick and easy way to target this traffic.

Simply check a single checkbox and the software will add every common misspelling of every keyword in your list.

For smaller keyword lists, you can even have the software include every possible typo. The software will add every case of a missed keystroke (substituting each adjacent key on the keyboard), every double keystroke, every missed keystroke and every transposed letter.

These features provide a quick and easy way to target additional low cost clicks.

   Grab Your Copy Now FREE...

Click the link below to download your copy of this powerful software.

This is a fully functional trial version of the software that will operate for a full 15 days, giving you lots of time to set up as many PPC campaigns as you want.

If you would like to keep using the software after 15 days, it will cost you just $17 for a permanently enabled copy.

There's also a special offer for our amazing PPC Oracle software, which can help manage your PPC campaigns on autopilot, saving you even more money on your PPC costs. 


Click Here To Download Your Free Copy


This software is for use only on PCs running Microsoft Windows. 

Earnings Disclaimer

Although we provide powerful tools which can help boost income, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using this software.

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