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  Much quicker and easier to set up than an autoresponder

  Solves the "lost email" problem

  Solves the "lost interest" unsubscribe problem

  Includes powerful advertising with a built-in full color ad

  Allows you to easily sell your ecourses - or even give away part of your course, then charge people for the rest

  If you operate an affiliate program, this software can also be used to create ecourses that your affiliates can brand with their affiliate ID, to earn easy commissions



Dear Friend,

Ecourses have been around for many years now. Many marketers use them as an easy way to build a list, by offering a valuable information course as an incentive to subscribe.

Other marketers are now selling their ecourses, finding that many customers are prepared to pay much higher prices for ecourses than equivalent ebooks.

There are even Private Label Rights ecourses now available on the Internet, allowing anyone to harness the benefits of ecourses, without having to create them.

So ecourses are a powerful asset in online marketing - and certainly something you should be looking to use in your business.

But there are drawbacks with the usual solution of delivering ecourses through an autoresponder. These drawbacks include...

  • Setting up all the parts of an ecourse on an autoresponder can be time consuming

  • Emails often get lost these days, meaning subscribers miss part of the course

  • Subscribers can lose interest in the course - and when they cancel, they also remove themselves from your mailing list

  • Autoresponders are not designed for selling ecourses, so lack more flexible options such as allowing customers to sample some of the course before buying

Ecourse Power Bot is a brand new solution that solves these problems, giving you an easy and highly effective way to use ecourses in your business...



   Quick And Easy To Set Up Your Ecourses

To create an ecourse, you just put your ecourse files into a folder on your PC.

The files can be a set of text or HTML files (one for each part of the course). The file names should start with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. to indicate the order in which the parts should be delivered to users.

Alternatively you can use a single text file that contains all the parts of the course. This is the standard way that many Private Label ecourses are distributed, so this option makes it very quick and easy to set up a PLR ecourse for distribution.

You then run the Ecourse Power Bot software and click a few buttons - and your complete, ready-to-use ecourse package will be created instantly.

The ecourse package is a single .exe file that contains all the parts of the ecourse.

When users download and activate the .exe package, it will show them part one of the course. If they activate the .exe package again the next day, they will also have access to part two. If they activate the .exe package again the following day, they will also have access to part three. And so on, until all the parts of the course are available.

When building a mailing list, you can deliver the .exe package using an autoresponder. But instead of delivering all the parts of the ecourse separately through the autoresponder, you just send them one email containing the download link for your .exe package.

You can also distribute the .exe package in other ways, such as providing direct download links on your own website, uploading it to download sites - or even selling it with Master Resale Rights, so other people will distribute it for you.



  Solves The "Lost Email" Problem

One of the big drawbacks of delivering an ecourse through an autoresponder is that a significant proportion of emails are now lost, particularly when sent from a bulk email source like an autoresponder.

Sometimes the emails end up in the subscriber's "Spam" folder - and sometimes they just don't arrive at all.

This can be a big problem if subscribers are following the course, lesson by lesson.

It means unhappy subscribers - and possibly lots of customer support for you, when subscribers contact you about missing emails.

Ecourse Power Bot avoids this issue, because the course is delivered as part of the ecourse package. This means you never suffer from the "lost email" problem.



   Solves The "Lost Interest" Unsubscribe Problem

Another drawback of delivering an ecourse through an autoresponder is that many subscribers lose interest in ecourse part way through.

Tests have shown that for a typical longer ecourse, more than half the people who subscribe to the ecourse will cancel it before they reach the end.

If they have subscribed to your mailing list to get the ecourse, then when they unsubscribe from the ecourse, they also unsubscribe from your list.

This effect can seriously damage your profits from your mailing list.

Ecourse Power Bot avoids this issue, because the course is delivered as part of the ecourse package.

This means subscribers do not unsubscribe from your list if they lose interest in the ecourse - they just delete the ecourse package from their PC.



  Includes Powerful Advertising

Ecourse Power Bot includes a full color ad in your ecourse package that you can use to advertise anything you want.

This gives you an easy way to generate additional profits, as well as any profits from the ecourse content itself.



  An Easy Way To Sell Your Ecourses

Ecourse Power Bot allows you to easily sell your ecourses - including allowing you to offer part of the ecourse free, then charge for the rest.

For example, for a 10-part course, you could offer parts 1 and 2 free, to get people interested, then charge a fee to access the remaining parts.

This highly flexible solution offers a commercial advantage that is simply not practical with an autoresponder solution. 



  View An Example Ecourse

You can download an example ecourse here, to see the features.

After downloading, just activate the ".exe" file to view the course.



  Create Ecourses That Affiliates Can Brand Then Give Away To Promote Your Products/Services

If you operate an affiliate program, you can create ecourses that promote your products/services, then allow your affiliates to brand the ecourses with their affiliate ID. Your affiliates can then give your ecourses away to earn commissions on autopilot.

To do this, you create your ecourse package as normal and then give it to your affiliates along with the special Affiliate Brander Tool, as shown below:

Each affiliate can use the tool to brand your ecourse with their affiliate ID. They can then distribute the ecourse, giving them an easy way to earn commissions - and giving you an easy way to promote your business.



  Special Script For Really Easy Affiliate Branding

The software also comes with a special Affiliate Brander Script, which you can use instead of the Affiliate Brander Tool, if you wish.

This script makes it even easier for your affiliates to brand your ecourses.

To use the script, you create your ecourse packages as normal - and then upload them along with the script. It really is as simple as that.

You then direct your affiliates to the web address of the script.

Your affiliates will see a simple web page, asking them to enter their affiliate ID into a form like this:

When they enter their ID and click the Submit button, they will see an ordinary download link for each one of your ecourses.

When they click on a download link, the relevant ecourse will be downloaded to their PC, already branded with their affiliate ID.

This solution means your affiliates can start distributing your ecourses as soon as they have downloaded them - so they can start generating sales for you immediately!



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You can now try Ecourse Power Bot yourself to see how easy it is.

This trial version of the software is fully functional, except that the ecourses cannot be distributed.

This trial solution allows you to see all the features of the software, without having to pay.

If you then decide to buy the fully functional version of the software, it will cost you just a single one-off payment of $37.


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Requirements: Ecourse Power Bot is for use on PCs running Microsoft Windows. The ecourse packages it creates will also only work on PCs running Microsoft Windows.