Do You Market Using Blogs, Twitter, Social Sites, Or Articles?...

"Here's How You Can Substantially Increase Your Profits, By Putting Your Own Moneymaking Advertising Banners On Every Web Page You Blog About, Link To, Or Tweet About"


Dear Friend,

If you currently market through blogs, forums, articles, Twitter, or any of the social sites, then you're going to LOVE the new Magic Banner Bot.

This software solves one of the biggest problems with social/blog/article marketing.

With these types of marketing, you can't just promote your own sales sites and affiliate links all the time. If you do, you will likely lose all your visitors/friends/followers. And for social sites, you can even get banned from the site altogether.

So you need to maintain credibility, by discussing other things and other web pages. For example, if you were in a "dog" niche, you'd discuss interesting dog issues and websites.

This means you need to promote some web pages without getting paid anything for it.

Magic Banner Bot addresses this issue, by allowing you to put your own advertising "Magic Banner" on these web pages, when you post or tweet about them.

You still get credibility from promoting the page - but you also get the benefits of advertising your own offers or affiliate links at the same time.

Magic Banners are much more effective than ordinary banners, because they "float" above the page and scroll with it, drawing the attention of the visitor. This directly translates into more clicks - and more money.

This gives you a powerful new way to boost your profits, with very little extra effort.

  View Example Magic Banners

To Illustrate the power of Magic Banners, you can see an example showing an affiliate banner placed on the right hand side of the Wikipedia dogs page.

To see the result, click here (opens in a new browser window).

The banner has been placed so it looks like part of the page. But if you scroll down the page, you'll see the banner "float" over the page, to maximize it's effectiveness.

Here's a second example with a banner at the top of the page - click here to see it.

  Use And Size Or Shape Of Banner/Image

The examples above use standard sized affiliate program banners.

But you can use absolutely any size and shape of banner.

Most affiliate programs have some sort of banner, but if you don't have a banner for the offer you want to promote, you can use any jpeg or gif image.

  Use Flash Banners As Well As Standard Banners

Most ready made banners available on the Internet are simple image files (usually either .jpg or .gif files).

However some affiliate programs now also offer "flash" banners, which are often more eye catching than standard banners.

With Magic Banner Bot, you can easily use both flash banners and standard banners.

  Put Your Banner Anywhere On The Page

You can put your banner anywhere on the page.

The basic options are:

  • Top of the page
  • Bottom of the page
  • Left hand side
  • Right hand side

You can specify an offset from each of those positions, giving you complete control over where your banner appears, to maximize its effectiveness.

  Use With Twitter, Facebook, Forums Or Anything Else

You can use this solution with any social site, including Twitter and Facebook.

You can also use it with blogs, forum posts and article marketing.

You can use it anywhere that you link to someone else's website, an an easy way to generate extra income.

  Unlimited Magic Banners On Unlimited Web Pages

Your copy of Magic Banner Bot can be used to place an unlimited number of different banners on an unlimited number of different web pages.

This means you can use the software to boost your profits throughout your entire business.

  Easily Add Your Magic Banners To Any Web Page

Placing your Magic Banner on a web page is quick and easy using the special Create Script tool shown below:

You enter the file name of your banner and the link it promotes, along with the web address of page where the banner should appear and the position of the banner on that web page (several of the boxes on the tool are optional and normally left blank).

Once you have entered all the details, you click the Create button and select where to save the special script file, which is generated instantly. The tool remembers all your information, so it's very quick and easy to use it again in future.

  Easily Upload With The "One Click" Upload Tool

Once you have created your special script file, you need to upload it to your web host (along with the banner image).

You can upload using any FTP software, but to make it really easy, Magic Banner Bot comes with a simple FTP Upload tool that will upload everything automatically.

The first time you use this tool, you need to enter your FTP details (your domain name and your web host user name and password). These are remembered for use in future.

Once these details have been entered, you can upload a special script file and its associated banner image to your web host with a single button click.

Once uploaded, your Magic Banner is fully set up and ready for action. 

Let Magic Banner Bot Boost Your Profits

Magic Banners offer substantial benefits for your business.

They are quick and easy to set up - and offer an easy way to generate additional income whenever you link to someone else's website.

With so much potential for increasing your income, you might expect to pay a lot for this powerful software.

But if you order right now, you can get your own copy for just $27.

And even though I'm offering this software at such a low price, I still want you to be 100% certain that it will really work for you.

That's why the software comes with my cast iron 30-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

Your 100%, No Risk, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee

If you still have any lingering doubts about purchasing, let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy of this superb software is covered by my 100% cast iron, no questions asked, no risk guarantee.

If at any time during the next 30 days, you decide that this software does not meet your requirements, just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

All this means you can take a full 30 days to check out all this great software for yourself, with no risk whatsoever.

In other have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Order Magic Banner Bot For Just $27

You'll receive instant access to your software, even if it's 2 am in the morning.

Totally secure payment is through Paypal, AlertPay or Credit Cards through 2CheckOut.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Cards, AlertPay and PayPal Accepted



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Requirements: The script setup software requires a PC running Microsoft Windows. The script requires a web host that supports PHP (almost all web hosts support PHP). A Magic Banner will only appear if the visitors web browser has Javascript enabled (over 95% of visitors have Javascript enabled).

Website Copyright Issues: Magic Banner Bot does not actually change web pages when it adds a Magic Banner to them. It uses technology called an "overlay frame" which is placed over the top of the web page by the visitors browser (this feature is supported by all the major browsers). There are therefore no copyright issues with using Magic Banners. Owners of websites can block "overlay frame" technology if they wish, but very few owners actually do so because it reduces their chances of getting links/traffic to their sites.

Please note that this software is for your personal use only and does not carry any form of resale rights.