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  Put list building Magic Pop Bars on your affiliate links, to build your list while you earn commissions.

  Put Magic Pop Bars on other people's websites, including  search engines and directories. This powerful solution can be used in conjunction with blogging, forums, Twitter or social marketing.

  Add Magic Pop Bars to your own article sites, to build a list on autopilot - without having to modify any of your web pages.

  Instantly add Magic Pop Bars to your own sales pages as an effective way to build a list. They're far less intrusive than squeeze pages or conventional popups.

  Use Magic Pop Bars to promote your own offers or affiliate links from any website on the Internet.


Dear Friend

Have you noticed the yellow Magic Pop Bar at the top of this page?

If you haven't already done this, please put your mouse over the bar, to see the bar unfold into a complete popup.

As you can see, Magic Pop Bars offer a brand new way to harness the power of popups.

The popup only appears when a visitor's mouse is over the yellow bar at the top of the page - and it disappears as soon as the mouse is moved away.

Because visitors don't have to physically close the popup, a Magic Pop Bar avoids the annoyance associated with conventional "sliding popups".

So you get all the benefits of conventional popups - and none of the drawbacks.

Magic Pop Bars can be added to any website very easily.

You can add Magic Pop Bars to every page of your own website, without having to modify any of the web page files.

You can also add them to any web page anywhere on the Internet, including sites promoted through an affiliate link, sites belonging to other people and even pages on popular sites like search engines, directories and social networking sites.

You can use Magic Pop Bars to show list-building signup forms, to easily build a mailing list on autopilot.

Or you can use them to promote offers for any product or service.

Magic Pop Bars are a very powerful marketing tool - and you'll be surprised at how quick and easy it is to start generating profits with them.




  Create List Building Popups In 2 Minutes Flat

Magic Pop Bars have two parts

- the bar at the top of the page (the bar can be any color, but it's usually yellow)

- and the popup that unfolds when a visitor places his mouse over the bar

These two parts are created separately.

The popup part is just an ordinary HTML web page (except that it is smaller than a normal page).

This means that you can design just about any layout for your popup, using any HTML editor. Full instructions are included with the software.

But the most common purpose of popups is to show subscription forms, so the software comes with a special tool that creates subscription form popups automatically.

Here's a screenshot of a typical subscribe popup created using the tool:

You can create a popup like this in two minutes flat.

Just enter the headline and text to be shown on the popup, pick the colors, pick an image file and then paste in a signup form from your autoresponder.

Click a button and your complete, ready to use popup is generated instantly.

The popup is a standard HTML web page, so you can make changes to it if you want using any HTML editor.




  Create Ad Popups In 2 Minutes Flat

In some cases, you might want to put an ad for a product or service on your popup, instead of a subscribe form.

You can design your ad using your HTML editor, but the software comes with a special tool that creates ad popups automatically.

Here's a screenshot of a typical ad popup created using the tool:

You can create a popup like this in two minutes flat.

Just enter the headline, text and link to be shown on the popup, pick the colors and pick an image file.

Click a button and your complete, ready to use popup is generated instantly.

The popup is a standard HTML web page, so you can make changes to it if you want using any HTML editor.




  Easily Add Magic Pop Bars To Your Own Websites

Once you have created your popup page, you can add Magic Pop Bars to your own web pages - or to web pages owned by anyone else.

Adding Magic Pop Bars to your own web pages is a quick and easy job. Just use the special tool shown below:

You enter the text you want shown on the bar and the file name of your popup page.

Click the Create button and the tool will instantly create the set of special script files.

Upload these files to your web host and your Magic Pop Bar will then appear on all the HTML web pages on your site automatically.

It really is that simple. You don't even need to modify your web pages.




  Easily Put Magic Pop Bars On Other People's Sites

You can also add Magic Pop Bars to any other web pages anywhere on the Internet.

You can put them on your affiliate links, so that you can build your mailing list and promote the offer at the same time.

You can also put them on ordinary web pages that you link to. This is particularly useful if you market through blogs, forums, article marketing, Twitter, or any of the social sites.

With these types of marketing, you can't just promote your own sales sites and affiliate links all the time. If you do, you will likely lose all your visitors/friends/followers. And for social sites, you can even get banned from the site altogether.

So you need to maintain credibility, by discussing other things and other web pages. For example, if you're in a "dog" niche, you would discuss interesting dog issues and websites.

This means you need to promote some web pages without getting paid anything for it.

With the Magic Pop Bar software, you can put your own own Magic Pop Bar on these web pages, when you post or tweet about them.

You still get credibility from promoting the page - but you also get the benefits of building your list at the same time.

To add Magic Pop Bars to other people's websites, you use the tool shown below.

Enter the web addresses of the pages where you want Magic Pop Bars to appear. 

For each page, the software will give you a new link.

You then use the new link in place of the original link in your post/article/tweet. When people visit that link, they will see the web page  with your Magic Pop Bar at the top.

This gives you a very powerful way to build your list off other people's websites.




   Flexible Pop Bar Design For Use With Any Website

The design of the Pop Bar is very flexible, allowing you to customize the design of the bar to suit the web pages that it will be used on.

  The bar normally has black text on a yellow bar, but you can choose alternative colors for the bar and text if you wish.

  The bar is normally the entire width of the screen, but you can enter a smaller size if you prefer - and the bar is then shown centered (at the top of the screen).

  You can put the bar at the bottom of the screen (instead of the top).

  You can enter a link for the bar - and the text shown on the bar will then become a clickable link.

  You can use the bar without a popup at all - and just use the bar to show a message or a clickable link.




Start Using Magic Pop Bars Now

I hope you can see the HUGE potential of using Magic Pop Bars in your business.

They are quick and easy to set up - and offer an amazingly powerful solution for building a list - or promoting your products and services.

With all these benefits, you might expect to pay a lot for this software.

However, if you order right now, you can get your own copy for just $37.

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Requirements: The software requires a PC running Microsoft Windows.

The Magic Pop Bar features require a web host that supports PHP (almost all web hosts support PHP as standard).

In order to use the special feature that that puts a Magic Pop Bar on an entire website without modifying the pages, your web host must also support .htaccess files. If your web host does not support .htaccess files, you can still use Magic Pop Bars, but you will need to manually add some code to each web page.

Earnings Disclaimer:
 Although we provide powerful tools which can help build lists, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control, including of course the quality and nature of the traffic received by your website and the value of your subscription offer. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the number of subscribers or level of income that you will attain by using this software. We will however happily refund your money in full in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase. 

Please note that this software is for your personal use only and does not carry any form of resale rights.




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