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Dear Friend,

If you want to make money on the Internet, you're going to love our brand new software creator application, Really Easy Software Builder.

It allows you to instantly create your own unique software with virtually zero effort.

Really Easy Software Builder is quick and easy to use, with push button simplicity.

It creates software that features your high impact ads, which you can use to advertise anything you want - your own products, affiliate programs or anything else.

Once you've created your software, you can give it away or sell it. It's your software, so you can do anything you want with it.

You can offer it to people in exchange for subscribing to your list, either through opt-in forms on your own websites, or through giveaway events.

You can give it away on forums and social networking sites, as an easy way to promote your business on autopilot.

And because it's software, you can also upload it to the hundreds of "Free Software" sites on the Internet, where millions of people search for software every day. This offers an easy way to get traffic - and hundreds of backlinks to your website as well.

If you operate an affiliate program, Really Easy Software Builder also allows you to harness the power of "viral marketing". You can create software with ads for your products or services, then allow your affiliates to brand the software with their IDs to promote for you. Using this sort of viral marketing is a well-proven strategy that can generate HUGE profits.

As you can see Really Easy Software Builder offers some amazing business opportunities - and yet it's so simple that even a total newbie can use it.




  Easily Create Your Software From Other People's Work

Really Easy Software Builder allows you to create "packages" of items.

These items can be things you created yourself - but more usually they'll just be items that someone else created.

The items can be almost anything, including

  • Web pages on any website on the Internet
  • Videos from video sharing sites like YouTube
  • Games and widgets from any of the game/widget sites 
  • PDF files (ebooks) that you have the rights to distribute
  • Articles (".txt" files) that you have the rights to distribute
  • Other files (such as ".doc" or ".xls" files) that you have the rights to distribute

The software turns your set of items into a complete "software package".




   See The Power And Flexibility Of This Solution 

...With Our Example Software Packages


The best way to understand how Really Easy Software Builder works, is to view some example software packages.


To download all the example software packages in one zip file, click here.


There are four standard types of item that you can include in packages - website links,  PDF ebooks, articles and online videos. There is an example package for each type.


Example Package 1

My Dog Health Software

Time to create this unique software: 10 minutes (includes time for research)

Created from: a set of links to other peoples' websites

Creating software from other people's websites is probably the most powerful solution for instantly creating unique products.

This works because all software created by Really Easy Software Builder contains a fully functional web browser.

This is similar to a normal web browser, except that it is limited to a specific set of websites, chosen by you.

Essentially the software is a special web browser that has been pre-loaded with a set of bookmarked (or "favorite") sites, chosen by the person who created the software.

When a user uses the software and selects one of the bookmarked sites from the list, that website opens inside the software. The website can then be used exactly as normal.

If you don't understand this concept, take a look at the first example software package (the download link is above, in case you missed it).

This first example software package is aimed at the profitable "Dog Health" niche.

To create the package, I did a quick search on Google for "Dog Health", then looked through the first few pages of results to find sites that looked interesting and offered something more like a service (rather than just information).

I found a site offering "live chat to a vet", a "find a local vet" service, a dog health Questions&Answers site, a dog health forum, a dog care membership and a pet checkup kit. Some of these even had affiliate programs, so I was able to sign up and then use my affiliate links for those sites.

Overall I spent about ten minutes on my research, which gave me a set of six links.

I then used Really Easy Software Builder to instantly turn the links into my complete, brand new "Dog Health" software package.

If you activate the package and select any of the items, you'll notice that the websites open inside the software (i.e. the software turns into a web browser when an item is selected). This makes the websites look like they're part of my package - but they are really just ordinary websites, shown exactly as they would appear in any web browser.



Example Package 2

My Health Improvement Course

Time to create this unique software: 2 minutes

Created from: other peoples' PDF ebooks

There are loads of PDF ebooks around with giveaway or resale rights. By collecting a few ebooks on similar topics, you can create your own package featuring your own ads. The package can then be given away or sold.

This is a very easy way to create your own "course" on a particular topic, just using other people's PDF files.

Example package 2 was created in under two minutes. I found some PDF ebooks on my chosen topic and then used Really Easy Software Builder to turn them into a new package.



Example Package 3

My Entrepreneurs Info Kit

Time to create this unique software: 10 seconds

Created from: a package of PLR articles

Using a set of private label articles offers an incredibly quick and easy way to create basic niche software applications.

Example package 3 was was created in about ten seconds flat. I took a set of articles from one of the PLR article sites, unzipped the articles onto my PC, then used Really Easy Software Builder to turn them into a new software package.

Note that I didn't modify the article files at all. I just used the set of ".txt" files as supplied.

This works because Really Easy Software Builder converts all ".txt" files into complete pages automatically.

If you activate the software package and select any of the articles, you'll notice that they open inside the software, so they appear as a fully integrated part of the software.

Really Easy Software Builder also automatically added one of my ads below each article, improving my chances of making a sale.

Using articles like this is a very effective and simple way to create niche profit machines for any niche.



Example Package 4

My Weight Loss Video Package

Time to create this unique software: 5 minutes (includes time for research)

Created from: videos from YouTube

To create the package, I did a quick search on YouTube for "Weight Loss", then picked a few of the top results.

I then used Really Easy Software Builder to instantly turn the videos into my complete, brand new "Weight Loss Videos" software package.

If you activate the package and select any of the items, you'll notice that the videos are displayed inside the software.

However there are no copyright issues with the way this works. The software is actually just functioning as a normal web browser (in the same way as for example package 1).

The software shows special "embedded" pages from YouTube.com that just contain a specific video (without all the additional content that is shown on normal YouTube pages).

With millions of videos available on YouTube (and other video sharing sites), this offers a very powerful method of creating in-demand software applications for any niche.



Using Widgets/Games In Packages

There are thousands of widgets available on the Internet. Widgets are usually fun items such as games and virtual pets. There are also many sites that allow you to create your own widgets, with relatively little effort.

Widgets are actually very similar to online videos in terms of technology (both use a technology called "flash"). You can include widgets in your software packages in just the same way as you would include YouTube videos.

I have not provided an example for a Widget package, because they are not suitable for making money from most niches (people often get distracted by games and fun items - and lose interest in what you are trying to sell).

But if you are promoting an entertainment/fun related niche, you can easily build your own exciting fun and games packages using readily available Widgets/Games.


Mixing Different Types Of Item

The example packages contain either website links or PDF files or articles or online videos.

You can mix different types of items together in a single package if you wish.

For example, the "Dog Health" package could be extended to include PDF ebooks on dog health, some dog health articles and some online videos.


Using Other Types Of Files

Really Easy Software Builder is specially designed to create packages from website links, PDF files, articles and online videos. These usually open inside the software itself, so the resulting software package looks like a fully integrated solution.

You can, if you wish, include any other type of files in packages. These will be embedded inside the software package, but when a user selects one of them, it will activate in the normal way for that type of file (so it will not open inside the software package).

For example, if a software package includes a ".doc" file, then when a user selects that item, the ".doc" file will open in the standard program for ".doc" files on the users PC (usually Microsoft Word or WordPad).

You can mix different types of files as required, so for example, you could create a package containing website links, PDF ebooks, text article files and ".doc" files.


  Powerful Advertising For Easy Profits

If you've downloaded the example packages, you'll have seen the two high impact ads on them - one on the front page and one on the main page.

Each ad has a title, text, link and an optional photo.

You can use these ads to advertise anything you want. Your own products or services, affiliate programs, or anything else.

If you prefer to just show a single ad on your software, you can omit the front page from your software altogether.


  Quick And Easy To Create Your Software

To create a package, you create a new folder on your PC and then put all the items (PDF ebooks, articles or other files) into the folder.

For website links and online videos, you just paste the web address or code for each item into the software.

You can include up to two hundred individual items in your packages.

You then use the Create Package Tool as shown below:

Click the Select File button and select any one of the items to be included in the package. The tool will automatically include all the other files in the same folder on your PC.

Enter your site name and link. These will be used to show at link at the top of your software front page and main page. If you don't have a website, you can use an affiliate link instead, or just leave the boxes blank to omit the link from your software.

You can choose whether to include a "front page" in your software, so the software shows two ads each time it is used.

Each ad can include an title, text, image and link (all the fields are optional).

If you're a more experienced user, you can include HTML tags in the title and description, but this is not necessary as the ads are formatted automatically.

To include an image, just click the Browse button and select an image file on your PC.

After you have entered your ads, just enter the name for your software package and then click the Create button. Your ready to use software package is then created instantly.

The Create Package Tool remembers all your details, so if you want to create another package with the same advertising, you can create it with just four mouse-clicks. 

  Your Powerful Viral Marketing Solution

If you operate an affiliate program for your own products, you can use Really Easy Software Builder to promote your products using "viral marketing".

You create a software package featuring ads for your products, then let your affiliates brand it with their ID and give it away to earn commissions.

You create the software package as normal and then give it to your affiliates along with the special Affiliate Brander Tool, as shown below:

Each affiliate can use the tool to brand your software package with their affiliate ID. They can then distribute the package, giving them an easy way to earn commissions - and giving you an easy way to promote your business.


   Special Script For Really Easy Affiliate Branding

Really Easy Software Builder also comes with a special Affiliate Brander Script, which you can use instead of the Affiliate Brander Tool, if you wish.

This script makes it even easier for your affiliates to brand your software packages.

To use the script, you create your software packages as normal - and then upload them along with the script. It really is as simple as that.

You then direct your affiliates to the web address of the script.

Your affiliates will see a simple web page, asking them to enter their affiliate ID into a form like this:

When they enter their ID and click the Submit button, they will see an ordinary download link for each one of your software packages.

When they click on a download link, the relevant software package will be downloaded to their PC, already branded with their affiliate ID.

This solution means your affiliates can start distributing your software packages as soon as they have downloaded them - so they can start generating sales for you immediately!


Try The Software For Yourself Now FREE!...

You can now try Really Easy Software Builder yourself to see how easy it is.

This trial version of the software is fully functional, except that the software packages are not licensed for distribution. The trial packages include a message indicating that they must not be distributed - and they also stop working after an hour.

This trial solution allows you to see all the features of Really Easy Software Builder, without having to pay.


Click Here To Download The Trial Version



Order The Full Version: After you have checked out the trial version, you can order the fully working version of the software here for just $67.


Requirements: Really Easy Software Builder is for use on PCs running Microsoft Windows. The software packages it creates will also only work on PCs running Microsoft Windows.

Using Videos In Packages: You can only use online videos in your packages (i.e. they must be hosted somewhere on the Internet, such as on YouTube.com). You cannot use video files that are on your own PC.