"Here's How You Can Easily Brand Private Label And Resale Rights Video Sets With Your Own Name, Link And Ads - Without Doing Any Video Editing"

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  Put your name and link on every video

  Put your own ad on every video (including photo)

  No need for complex/expensive video editing software

  Quick and easy solution - no special skills needed

  Brands videos in two seconds flat

  Makes it easier for customers to use your videos

  Can also be used to create sample/promotional videos to promote your products and services - and if you operate an affiliate program, your affiliates can brand your videos with their affiliate ID, to earn commissions



Dear Friend,

There are more and more video training sets being released on the Internet with Private Label Rights and/or Resale Rights.

That's because there is now a HUGE demand for videos, which can make it very profitable to sell them.

But to make the video set into your own product, you still need to personalize the videos.

And that usually means using some expensive, complicated video editing software to edit the video files.

But now there is quick and easy alternative solution, in the form of our brand new Really Easy Video Brander software.

This allows you to personalize videos in just a few seconds, with push-button simplicity...


  The Quick And Easy Way To Personalize Your Videos

To brand a video, you just unzip the video files into a folder on your PC, then run the software and click a few buttons.

Your ready-to-use branded video will be created instantly, featuring your name and link, so the video looks entirely like your own product.

The video will also feature a full color ad that you can use to advertise anything you want, giving you an easy way to generate backend profits as well.


  Makes It Easier For Customers - And Reduces Refunds

Did you know that a significant proportion of the people who buy videos never manage to watch them, because they do not know how?

Videos are usually supplied in ".swf" or "flash" format, as a zip containing a set of files. Users need to unzip the files into a folder and then find the HTML file and double-click on it, in order to watch the video.

This confuses some customers and they just give up - and then ask for a refund.

Really Easy Video Brander solves this problem, by turning the entire set of files into a single ".exe" file.

Customers simply need to activate the ".exe" file in order to watch the video, making it much simpler for them - and reducing your refund rate.


  View An Example Branded Video

You can download an example video here, to see the branding and ad features.

After downloading, just activate (run) the ".exe" file to watch the video.


  Create Sample/Promotional Videos That Affiliates Can Brand Then Give Away To Promote Your Products/Services

Really Easy Video Brander can also be used to create sample videos or promotional videos, to promote any products or services.

Normally this sort of video is uploaded to a website, but turning it into a video package gives you more options for distributing it.

If you operate an affiliate program for your products/services, you can also allow your affiliates to brand your video package with their ID and give it away to earn commissions.

To do this, you create the video package as normal and then give it to your affiliates along with the special Affiliate Brander Tool, as shown below:

Each affiliate can use the tool to brand your video package with their affiliate ID. They can then distribute the package, giving them an easy way to earn commissions - and giving you an easy way to promote your business.


  Special Script For Really Easy Affiliate Branding

Really Easy Video Brander also comes with a special Affiliate Brander Script, which you can use instead of the Affiliate Brander Tool, if you wish.

This script makes it even easier for your affiliates to brand your video packages.

To use the script, you create your video packages as normal - and then upload them along with the script. It really is as simple as that.

You then direct your affiliates to the web address of the script.

Your affiliates will see a simple web page, asking them to enter their affiliate ID into a form like this:

When they enter their ID and click the Submit button, they will see an ordinary download link for each one of your video packages.

When they click on a download link, the relevant video package will be downloaded to their PC, already branded with their affiliate ID.

This solution means your affiliates can start distributing your video packages as soon as they have downloaded them - so they can start generating sales for you immediately!

Try The Software For Yourself Now FREE!...

You can now try Really Easy Video Brander yourself to see how easy it is.

This trial version of the software is fully functional, except that the branded videos are not licensed for distribution. The trial videos include a message indicating that they must not be distributed - and they also stop working after an hour.

This trial solution allows you to see all the features of the software, without having to pay.

If you then decide to buy the fully functional version of the software, it will cost you just a single one-off payment of $37.


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Requirements: Really Easy Video Brander is for use on PCs running Microsoft Windows. The branded videos it creates will also only work on PCs running Microsoft Windows.

Videos Requirements: This software can ONLY brand videos in ".swf" file format (usually called "flash format"). It cannot brand videos in other file formats. It also cannot brand online videos (such as videos on YouTube.com). All the video files must be on your PC. For each video, there should be of a set of files, including a single HTML file (a file with a name ending in ".htm" or ".html"). You should be able to watch the video simply by viewing this HTML file in a web browser.