"Generate A Viral Cascade Of Free Traffic To Your WordPress Blog, By Getting Loads Of People To Like Your Blog On Facebook"

Dear Friend,

You've probably seen lots of blogs that contain Facebook "like" buttons.

If a visitor clicks on the button, an "I like this blog" post appears on their Facebook wall, visible to all their friends.

This encourages their friends to visit the blog - and if these friends also like the blog, the result can be a viral cascade effect, driving loads of free traffic to the blog.

It sounds like a perfect traffic solution.

But there is a problem.

Few (if any) visitors ever actually click like buttons.

There is simply no incentive for visitors to click the buttons

...unless you are using Viral Like Bot!

Viral Like Bot gives your visitors a powerful incentive to like your blog, by offering a special reward.

It can drive loads of traffic to your blog, while Viral Like Bot manages the whole process for you on autopilot.

Give Your Visitors A Powerful Incentive To Promote

To use Viral Like Bot, you need a downloadable product that your visitors will really want.

It can be an ebook, a course, articles, videos, software or anything else.

Visitors to your blog will be offered this downloadable product free as a reward for liking your blog.

Viral Like Bot manages the whole process for you.

All you need to do is set it up (which should only take a few minutes) and then leave the software to handle everything on autopilot.

Quick And Easy Setup

Once you have selected a suitable reward product, you upload the product to your blog, along with the Viral Like Bot WordPress plugin.

Viral Like Bot comes with a special tool to create the WordPress plugin, as shown below:

You just fill in the form and then click the Create button to instantly generate your plugin.

There is also a special tool to upload the plugin and the reward product (or you can upload them using any other mechanism you wish).

Built-In Ad System Advertises Your Like Reward Offer

The Viral Like Bot plugin uses a special ad system that advertises the offer on all your blog posts and pages, encouraging people to like your blog.

You can have an ad shown above or below the first post on each page, or have the ad shown as a "widget" in the side panel of the blog.

Here's an example ad to be shown above or below the first post on each page:

Here's an example ad to be shown as a "widget" in the side panel of the blog:

To create your ad, you use the plugin's "Reward Like Ad" option (in your blog admin) and enter your ad into a form like this:

You enter the title, text and image for your ad and select where it should appear.

You can instantly see what the ad looks like, so you can adjust it until you're 100% happy with it.

Your ad will then appear automatically on every part of your blog.

When a visitor likes your blog, the plugin will automatically change the ad to show the download link for the reward, as shown in the screenshot below:

Use The Plugin On All Your Blogs At No Extra Cost

The WordPress plugin is licensed for use on an unlimited number of blogs, so you can use it on every blog you own, without paying any extra.

Get A Cascade Of Free Viral Traffic Now...

Traffic is the most valuable commodity for any online business.

A lot of people pay big sums of money for Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click and other sources of traffic.

And they keep on paying again and again.

Viral Like Bot offers a unique alternative.

There is no ongoing cost or effort. Just a single quick and easy setup - and then you leave the system to continually drive free traffic to your blogs on autopilot.

With such powerful benefits, you might expect to pay a lot for this superb software.

But if you order right now, you get your copy for the ridiculously low price of just $19.95.

And for your complete peace of mind, your order is also covered by our cast iron, 30-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...
Your 100%, No Risk, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee

If you still have any lingering doubts about purchasing, let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy of this superb software is covered by my 100% cast iron, no questions asked, no risk guarantee.

If at any time during the next 30 days, you decide that this software does not meet your requirements, just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

All this means you can take a full 30 days to check out this great software for yourself, with no risk whatsoever.

In other words...you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Order Now For Just $19.95

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Requirements: Blogs must be WordPress blogs on your own web hosting (i.e. NOT on wordpress.com). Ideally you should be using the latest version of Wordpress, but the plugin should work with any version of WordPress from 2.8 onwards. The tool that creates the plugin requires a PC running Microsoft Windows (any version).

Future Versions: Once you order this software, you are automatically entitled to any future versions at no further cost. WordPress is now a very stable platform. This means the plugin should work with all future versions of WordPress. However in the event that a new version of the software is released to handle changes to WordPress (or for any other reason), you would be entitled to the new version at no extra cost. The software incorporates a special mechanism to automatically check for new versions.

Support For WordPress Multisite: WordPress Multisite is an advanced WordPress feature that allows a single installation of WordPress to operate multiple blogs. This software supports Multisite as long as each blog is on a different domain or subdomain (which is the normal use of Multisite).

Earnings Disclaimer: Although we provide a powerful solution that can generate traffic to your blog, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control, including the reward product offered and the nature of your visitors. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of traffic or income that you will attain by using this software. We will however happily refund your money in full in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase.

Please note that this package is for your personal use only and does not carry any form of resale rights.